Wootric Integration


Amity's Wootrics integration imports NPS and Survey result from a source Wootric system and stores them in Amity’s native people objects.  You must be an Amity administrator to create a new email template. 

You can integrate Wootric and Amity in two ways:

  1. Send Wootric surveys from Amity.
  2. Capture Wootric user survey responses in Amity.

You can use both of these ways together or separately.



To use the Amity Wootric integration you must download the Amity email template from your Wootric web application, and create an Amity Email template with the contents of that file.


Send Wootric surveys from Amity


Download the Amity Email template

Go to the Email Template download page.

Select Amity in the download menu.


Select the download button.

The email template will download to your computer automatically.


Create a Wootric Email template in Amity


Navigate to the Admin app in the main Amity menu.

Navigate to the Email Templates section.

Select Customers from the email template types.

Select the Add button to create a new email template.

At the bottom of the email template editor, select the Ninja editor.

Copy the content of the email templated you downloaded from your Wootric web app.

Paste that content into the Message section of your new Amity email template.

Enter the Name, Description and Subject line of your email template.

Select the Create button.

Your new Wootric email template is now ready to use in Amity.


Capture Wootric survey responses in Amity

Create your outbound webhooks in Wootric 

Webhooks allows Amity to listen for triggers in Wootric Surveys, which will then send relevant data to Amity in real-time. 

Follow Wootric's instructions to set up your outbound webhooks.

On that Wootric page, record your webhook token by selecting the copy token text button.

The URL for the Amity webhook handler is:





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