HubSpot Integration


Before we can enable HubSpot integration, you need to provide the following pieces of information:

  1. Hub ID
  2. API key

The instructions below will help you locate this information in your HubSpot instance. 

Find your Hub ID

Follow the directions in this HubSpot Academy article:

Find your API Key

Follow the directions in this HubSpot Academy article: 

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    Don Taylor

    Could you list several of the most common use cases you encounter when integrating Amity and Hubspot?

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    Louise Philp

    Hi Don -

    Hubspot CRM is used to populate Amity accounts when a prospect becomes a customer.

    With Hubspot Marketing, you get a view into the campaign history of an individual user. As well, you can add People to Hubspot lists and campaigns, based on rules in Amity. For example, you can start an adoption trickle campaign that triggers once an account has completed Onboarding.

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