Base CRM Integration



Before we can enable Base CRM integration with Amity, we need you to provide the following items:

  1. The name of your account
  2. A Personal Access Token (PAT)

The instructions below will help you collect this information.


Find your Account Name

1. Log into Base CRM.

2. Navigate to the Account Settings page.

3. Copy the account name provide it to your Amity customer success manager.


Create a Personal Access Token (PAT)

1. Navigate to the OAuth 2 Settings page.

2. In the Access Tokens section, click the + Add Access Token button.

3. Fill in the Description field and check the following options:

  • Read access to all your data, except for the account and user info.
  • Read access to the account and users info only.
  • Read access to all your data via the Sync API.

4. Click the Save button.

5. At this point you should see your newly-generated access token. Copy the access token and provide it to your Amity customer success manager. Note that you won't be able to retrieve your access token again. If you cannot find the token information, you will need to generate a new token.


Special Instructions for Contact Custom Fields

If your Base CRM account has custom fields defined on Contacts and you want Amity to access these fields, you must make the fields filterable.

1. Log into Base CRM.

2. Navigate to the Contacts page.

2. Check the Filterable checkbox beside each custom field that you want Amity to have access to.



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