Microsoft Office 365 Integration


Amity's integration with Microsoft Office 365 integration imports email messages and stores them as Amity engagements. Once enabled, the integration will check for new messages every 30 minutes.


Before we can enable Microsoft Office 365 integration for you, we need you to do the following:

  1. Provide us with your email domain name and list of all the email accounts that you want to be synchronized.
  2. Grant Amity permission to read mail in your system. Instructions are provided below.

Grant Amity permission to read email

  1. Login into Amity as an user with administrator authority.
  2. Click the Settings app.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Locate the Microsoft Office 365 integration and click the blue Connect button.
  5. Your browser will be redirected to the Microsoft Sign In page.
  6. Login with a user that has Global Administrator authority.
  7. Click the Accept button.
  8. If successful, your browser will be redirected back to Amity. The blue Connect button on the Microsoft Office 365 panel will be replaced with a green Connected button.

Notify your Amity Customer Success Manager once you have successfully granted permission. 


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