Xero Integration


Amity's Xero integration extracts the outstanding and overdue account receivable balances and details about the last sent invoice and last authorized payment from customer contacts in Xero. This information is extracted every 24 hours and stored in the corresponding Amity account.


Before Amity can enable Xero integration, you must create a Private application in Xero.

1. Follow the instructions in this Xero help document. You will first have to create a public/private key-pair. Next, you will use the public certificate from the key-pair to register your Private application.

2. When you create the public/private key-pair, an private key will be generated. If you follow the instructions, the filename is privatekey.pem. Send a copy of this file to your Amity Customer Success Manager.

3. Once you have created the Private application, you need to provide the application's Consumer Key to your Amity Customer Success Manager.

This Consumer Key is available in the OAuth Credentials panel. Click Show to display the value. Copy the value and send it to your Amity Customer Success Manager.


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